AMSA FAU Point System

AMSA FAU members have an amazing opportunity to earn points towards a FREE Kaplan course! This course scholarship can be used for a Kaplan MCAT test prep course – a $2,500 value! If you’re interested in participating in this great opportunity, all you have to do is be an active member and wear your AMSA t-shirt! The member with the most points at the end of the academic year wins the course! The winner will be announced following the final General Body Meeting.

Below is a list of AMSA FAU events for the Spring 2018 semester. Next to them you will find the number of points you can earn. Note: You will earn an extra point for wearing your AMSA t-shirt! Be sure to check-in with an AMSA officer and fill out the sign-in form to ensure that you get the points you deserve!

You will be able to access our records of points soon and be aware of what we have on record! From there, you can cross check it with your records to make sure that it is accurate. Stay tuned for how to do so!

Point Value System
General Body Meetings: 2 points
Gross Anatomy Labs: 3 points
Volunteering Events: 4 points
Interest Group Meetings: 3 points
BB&T: 5 points
Pre-Med Trips/Tours: 3 points
Tabling Events: 2 points
Fundraising Events: 3 points
*1 Point will be added for wearing an AMSA shirt*