Become an AMSA FAU 2018-19 Member!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AMSA FAU member! We are very happy that you are interested in becoming a part of our organization. There are numerous advantages to being a member (view our Calendar of Events and Get Involved Tabs) – we hope you take part in all of them!


If you are becoming an AMSA at FAU member for the first time please follow these instructions!

The first year is an initial payment of $100.00  
($75.00 National Membership and $25.00 Local Fee)
Step 1. In order to become an AMSA FAU member you must register with National AMSA first. This $75 fee allows you to put the American Medical Student Association at FAU on your transcript. This $75 payment is a one-time purchase and lasts up to four years.  In order to begin the initial payment process pay please click, ,to register with National AMSA. Once you are on the National AMSA website please follow the instructions below.
  1. Type in your FAU email address
  2. Select Premedical Member → next
  3. Fill out all of the information that is requested of you. Please make sure that the email address you use is your FAU email
  4. You will be sent a confirmation email once your transaction is completed
Step 2. Click to pay the local fee of $25.00. The online credit card transaction fee is included in the $25.00.



If you are already an AMSA at FAU member please follow the instructions below!

By following these steps you are acknowledging you have already paid the National fee of $75.00.
Step 1. Following your first initial pay of $100.00 ($75.00 National Membership and $25.00 Local fee) you will responsible for paying $35.00 at the beginning of each academic year in order to keep your local membership active.
Step 2. Please click to pay your annual $35.00. The online credit card transaction fee is included in the $35.00.



NOTE: Our membership policies were changed after the 2017 Fall Semester. If you have any questions regarding your membership status please contact our Sergeant at Arms, Alexandra Urdaneta, at