Membership Information 


General Membership Terms

AMSA FAU holds 3 General Body Meetings per semester. Attendance at these meetings and as well as 2 events is required as part of the membership terms. During these meetings AMSA’s leaders present information and make announcements regarding events, activities, updates, and anything else AMSA@FAU has to offer. We strive to bring forth a special presentation during each meeting and we sometimes have representatives from medical schools come in to speak with hands-on activities that teach students a technique or two within the healthcare field!

If you missed a General Body Meeting, you are required to attend 1 AMSA FAU volunteering or fundraising event during the same semester in addition to your 2 event requirements.

Failure to complete these requirements will result in an inactive membership for the following semester.

For the Spring semester, failure to complete the requirements results in a negative impact on becoming a member of AMSA@FAU for future semesters.

INACTIVE membership status means that the student will:

  • Not be able to participate in any AMSA FAU events
  • Not be considered for leadership positions
  • Not be allowed to participate in the point systems and all current points will be void
  • Lose all privileges received as an AMSA FAU member

We will be notifying members about inactive AMSA local membership! The requirement for reactivation is to attend 2 volunteering and/or fundraising events this semester. This is in addition to the 3 general body meetings and 2 event requirements that qualify you as an active member for this semester. For those of you who are unable to complete these requirements, you may contact the Directors of Records, Natasha Ramnauth or Emily Will , about an alternative. If you do not choose to reactivate your membership, you will not be permitted to participate in AMSA events. 

  • If you feel that your membership was inactivated due to an error, please contact AMSA’s Directors of Records Natasha Ramnauth( or Emily Will (  


AMSA FAU prides itself on being an organization that is both professional and knows to have fun! It is important that our members not only take advantage of what we can offer but also take it seriously. A lot of work is put into making these events and activities happen, so we ask that our members are accountable for the events that they sign up to participate in.

This means that when you sign-up for or confirm your attendance for an event, you commit to it! If you are unable to make it to an event that you sign-up to participate in, you have to notify the appropriate person 3 days in advance. Exceptions are made for emergencies.

Failure to do so will result in probation, which is a warning. If it happens again, your membership becomes limited for the remainder of the semester and you will not be permitted to sign-up for events that require commitments. Please note that you would still be required to fulfill the event requirements in other ways.

NOTE: It is also the member’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is signed in at general body meetings. If the member’s name is not on the attendance list, then they will be considered “absent.”