Welcome to the Research Page!

Here you will find all the events regarding research! These events are also on our AMSA Calendar. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Hello Fellow Members of AMSA!


The Research Committee is so excited to be working with all of the members of AMSA this year. Our goal for this committee is to empower each and every one of you to become more involved in the exciting world of research. Our goals for this club is to instill a foundation and understanding about what research is all about. We plan on guiding you through your journey by helping you discover more about yourself and interests, get you established within a lab or outside organization, write a grant, and prepare you to present in front of diverse audiences at different symposiums and conferences. Our goal is to introduce each of you to a support system that is here to answer any of your questions, and well as provide as many opportunities that we can find that may spark your individual interests. We have some exciting events planned this semester such as Shark Tagging, Meeting of the Minds, and other interesting experiences that will help you gain more experience in the field. We invite you to email us about whether you would prefer personal one-on-one meetings to discuss anything within the field such as getting started, help in a specific area, and any other general situations. The Research Committee is honored to be here to guide each of you, and will strive to bring the best out of each and every one of you interested to get the most out of your experience with research.