Puerto Rico Outreach Trip

The Puerto Rico Outreach Trip will give members the opportunity to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico over spring break. The trip will take place from March 8th to March 14th, 2020. Members will be able to shadow at the local hospital, as well as participate in various volunteer opportunities. Members will also be able to conduct hypertension screenings for the local community in San Juan. This trip will be a fantastic, new experience for AMSA members to obtain over Spring Break!

Similar to the New Providence Outreach Trip, spots are first come first serve, and there are only 34 spots available! Please keep in mind that this trip is exclusive for people who are 18 and over. The approximate cost of the trip is about $700.

To be eligible for this amazing experience, you must be both an AMSA local and AMSA National member. For spring of 2021, it is still undetermined whether or not this trip will be available due to the pandemic. We are monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 emergency. Please check beck frequently!