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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help provide opportunities to gain the skills and strategies necessary for your professional advancement. Women in Medicine is an interest group aimed at addressing the challenges faced by women in the healthcare field through group discussions, which we use to influence each other positively and exchange ideas and perspectives.

We are a group that supports women and everything that makes us one. We want to encourage all women to be strong, independent, knowledgeable leaders. We want to bring to light different issues that women face in the healthcare field and in life, and discuss how we can prevent and eliminate these issues. We also want to discuss controversial topics that many women in healthcare have faced and get our committee members’ opinions on them. We have planned events for this year to bring awareness to some issues, to educate and support, and much more.

We want this interest group to be a safe zone where we can help each other in many aspects of life without being judged or ridiculed. Where we can voice our opinions without being afraid of what others may think. But most importantly, to cheer for each others individual success, because we are not competitors to each other, but allies and friends.

Meet The Leaders!

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