Clinical Skills Program

AMSA FAU is proud to announce our Clinical Skills program. Throughout the year we will be hosting screening training sessions, open to all members, to help teach clinical skills and utilize them.



*If you are attending the Costa Rica Outreach trip or Bahamas Outreach Trip then you must attend two training sessions and pass the multiple choice and practical exam.*

This is one of the most hands-on clinical experiences you will have during your pre-med path. The training sessions are listed on the calendar!

Mission Statement

Clinical Skills is a part of AMSA FAU. We teach AMSA members how to take manual blood pressure, pulse rate, body mass index, and take patient history. We provide free blood pressure and BMI screenings to local South Florida Communities at various Health Fairs and Community Events. We will provide Intro to Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training sessions to educate members on emergency life-saving procedure performed when someone’s heart or breathing stops. Additionally, our CPR sessions are meant for educational purposes; therefore, we will not certified the members for CPR. We also go abroad and provide free screenings to the citizens of New Providence, Bahamas and Costa Rica, during our annual New Providence Outreach Trip and Costa Rica Outreach Trip. Each patient receives an educational pamphlet about the risks of Hypertension and risk prevention from the CDC. Although we can not legally diagnose individuals with hypertension, we can educate and spread awareness to individuals and impact many lives.

Clinical Qualifications

Clinical skills offers AMSA members many volunteer opportunities and hands on clinical experience throughout the semester. We attend various Health Fairs and screen many individuals throughout the semester. In order to become certified, you must attend at least two training sessions and pass the multiple choice and practical exam. The multiple choice covers materials discussed during the training session and you must receive an 80% or higher. For the practical exam, you must demonstrate that you can accurately take blood pressure within +/- 8 mmHg.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the directors Jennyferd Barco and Princess Maryam Abdul-Akbar

Please click here for the Clinical Skills email sign up!



view-blood-pressure-type-jpg-clipart-free-nutrition-and-healthy-food-xyfqph-clipartHere are some tools that will help you learn more about High Blood Pressure and Hypertension.

Informational Videos:

How high blood pressure forms and effects of hypertension.

How to take blood pressure (animated) way to help you remember all the steps.

rtnkleegcPracticing clinical skills:

Through these links you can practice readings and familiarize yourself more with the korotkoff sound.

Helpful hint: In the middle of the page you will see table of contents, once done with each measurement click on the next “scenario” and make sure you are under blood pressure tab to continue.

In this video playlist, you will be trained to cancel the background noises around you and proceed to take correct measurement.